Quality Management Consulting

The fact that quality is no coincidence, many companies have already recognized, that it requires appropriate processes.

However the ideal process for your own product or your own service looks like and which are the few important actuating variables in the process to make it an excellent process, is often difficult.

Whether it is a service or manufacturing process or internal or external process, problems are often identified and eliminated by an independent view from the outside and the introduction of new ideas. We support you in:

  • FMEA moderation & consulting in the context of new developments
  • Process optimization using Six Sigma & the DMAIC method
  • Optimization of serial production
  • Statistical process control
  • Creation of sample plans
  • Customer oriented Q-Management including risk & return rate estimation

We also think lateral for you in order to make your business even more successful, reduce cost efficiently and to make even better products out of good products.

In conjunction with you, we create the basis for excellent processes and products, based on numbers, data and experience, aligned to your individual needs.








Our Six Sigma Black


Belts support you


systematically to


analyze problems and


develop solutions.