Test Methods

Our various test procedures are all aimed to show weaknesses of your product after a short period of time, which can later occur during customer’s everyday operation and lead to returns or complaints.

This enables you to develop your products more quickly to market and to ensure that your products meet the expectations of your customers.

You get everything from one source, which helps you to save costs and shorten test times.

To this end, we can rely on our own test laboratory with state-of-the-art testing facilities. On the following pages you will find an excerpt of our test procedures which we have divided into the following areas:




If desired, we can also


compare your products


with those of your


competitors for





  • General Tests
    include test procedures in regards to environmental influences and general usability.
  • Mechanical Tests
    comprise all the mechanical influences that can affect a product.
  • Electrical Tests
    consists of tests for product safety according to DIN EN 60065, DIN EN 60950, as well as acoustic tests for verification of safe use and quality and special high-frequency measurements.